what seems to be the problem??

hi i'm noax963 i've just logged on to this site hopig to find an answer to my troubled question i've custom build my pc to a spec that i was happy with for light gaming and music mixing specs follow below

my pc

amd 64 3200+
1500 ddr 2700
ati 256ddr3 x550 pci express
nforce4 motherboard
with built in sound
custom case which is nice
80gb harddrive
500w power supply
4 fans cooling and a zalman res plus1 which rocks!!

but i'm stuck because when i got the water cooling for my pc i fitted it to my cpu, north gate and ati card and i thought that i would be able to get some serious speed but i was let down from a baseline of 3dmark 03 i get 2000-3000 which is terrible.
so i ask this to anyone what do i need to do to get more speed i use the overclocking software that came with my nforce4 motherboard ntune which i get to tweak with the hyper transport speed and pci express but it's not enough i want to get 3ghz from my cpu and to seriously improve my 3d card performance. as well as memory i have heat sinks on every chip on my ait x550 and a water block, cooling blocks on system memory. you know the rest.

i suppose i should ask what could i expect from a system like this???????



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to just say the obvious, why buy an ATI card and have a Nforce mobo. doesn't make sense the parts wont talk well with each other. If possible i would either change the v/card for an nvidia model or the mobo for an ati mobo.

Water cooling has nothing to do with speed, it just cools the componants down to allow them to be o/ced if they are able.
thankyou for a quick reply
i didnt think that my ati card was wrong for my motherboard but now i see it makes sence...

with the water cooler fitted to my system my cpu is at a temp of 40-45oC
while my system is at temp at 28-32oC i've overclocked my cpu from 200.00 to 220.00 which seems ok havent touched the voltage. could i get it to 3ghz on water cooling alone or would i need to get something better??


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i'm not an expert o/cer, but i do know that as you increase the fsb you need to increase the voltage accordingly otherwise the cpu becomes unstable, but at a certain voltage lvl, which can be individual for each cpu/model, you'll have it too hot. One good way is to search google for your cpu make for instance.

P4 2.6ghz overclock or o/c and see what comes up perhaps someone else has beaten the same path you can follow in terms of stable voltage and fsb increase... don't o/c your memory, its too volitale and will probably die.

The ati can and will work with your mobo, but it is always good whenever possible to buy parts together, so if you kept your ati card, by a mobo with the ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 northbridge, this will assure maximum compatibiltity, but its not a real prereq.

PLUS, its close to laughable that you payed the money for a water cooling solution, but got virtually the crappest card per gaming possible, i buy something else with a price point of at least $200

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