what resolution do u use...?

Hey i use 800x600 for my desktop and everything. but when i opened this program it required me to get higher one so i did 1024x768 and it made my task bar so small and stuff and i was like how can this be better. also when i opened up IE and looked @ cnet.com it looked retarted b/c it was half gray frame. so what rez do you use!? and if you use 1024x768 tell me if you have the same problem when viewing sites such as cnet and how can you read the font?!
I use 1152x864 on a 17" Viewsonic. Some people even use resolutions as high as 1600x1200 on larger monitors. :D
I can't stand 800x600 ... way too big and ugly for me.

Usually 1024x768 or 1152x864 is ideal for 17" monitors. If you find the font too small, you can go to Display Properties, go to the Appearance tab, and select Large Fonts from the dropdown list (might not be available with all visual styles)

The advantage of using higher resolutions is that you get more desktop space to work with.


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1280x1024 on a 17". I can't stand lower resolutions, everything just looks too big. cnet.com is half grey but that doesn't bother me. I prefer thr smaller text.
By the way how big is your monitor prodj88?


I am using 1024x768 (on my 15" TFT) and 1024x1280 (on my 17" TFT rotated to upright square. Got the second display only a few weeks ago and wondering how I could live without it before). In 800x6oo everything looks too big and takes up too much space.

In IE you can quickly adjust font size by pressing ctrl and scrolling the wheel of your mouse.


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i use 1024x786 on my 15" tft. and bout the font just use cleartype and the fonts will look bigger. me never wanna go backto 800x600 :p


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1600x1200 or 1280x960 depending on what i'm doing and if i need the extra pixels :)
I'm using a Hansol 710p (no longer in production)

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I use a Samsung Syncmaster 170T DVI at 1240 x 1024.

I love it, it's my baby, I want to buy another one ( but I can't, really expensive ) for photoshop/graphics software, need extra space.

It's really nice for all sorts of things, I can't stand to work at anything less then 1280 x 960.


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prodj88, set yer rez to 1024x768 and use large icons and set the DPI setting to either large or custom. See if it looks O.K. that way... experiment with yer settings.

I use 1024x768 on a ViewSonic Graphics Series GS790.


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both my monitors I run @ 1280x1024 for regular usage...

when playing games I always play @ 1600x1200... unless I want to clean up some jaggies... then I drop to 1280x1024 or 1024x768 and turn up the AA...

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