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What program to use to encode dvd to divx/xvid


sh! it stinks
I own a couple of dvd's of the tv show ALF that I want to convert to divx/xvid. I have been thumbling around with virtualdub but can't get a satisfying result. The converted movie is blurrie, yellow and I see "stripes" when people move fast (artefacts?)

Can anyone recommend a good (simple) freeware tool to encode into divx/xvid (which is better anyway?) and what settings to use? We have the PAL tv-system here in NL, but I have noticed that when I convert the NTSC dvd to PAL the picture stutters... My tv handles NTSC quite well, as does my dvd player.

O, just one more thing: I do not want to recode the entire dvd, just a few VOB files. So the program must be able to recode individual VOB files.

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check www.videohelp.com... it's a great site for video conversions, rip, etc, and has a tool (software) index

your problem with vdub seems weird... are u using the lastest stable version of the program/codec?

as for the program recoding only certain clips of the dvd, you should rip them first (dvd decripter is good and free) and then choose the ones you want to re-encode
oh, and you shouldn't have any issues changing ntsc to pal (still, if your tv supports ntsc you should leave the videos that way)
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sh! it stinks
Thanks for the answers so far. Yes I use the latest stable build of vdub (as far as I know, think it's 1.5.2).

I will check the sites!


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the easiest program is probably autogk.

regarding the artefacts, seems like the video is interlaced. you will need to deinterlace before encoding, which is something autogk can do

divx/xvid (which is better anyway?)


sh! it stinks
Thanks. Downloaded and installed autogk, running a conversion to xvid right now but can't find the deinterlace option...
oeps, after I RTFM I found the secret combination....

Autogk really made the best XVID's so far. Even the artefacts (?) are gone, real smooth picture.


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