What Program is better than DVD2AVI??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Daniel Rossi, Jul 18, 2003.

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    Hi Everyone,

    After i rip my DVD Collection to my HD using DVD Decrypter i use DVD2AVI to convert all the vob files into one separate avi file and wav file but the only thing is the program only works good with Divx 5.02 and i want to use Divx 5.05 soo i was wondering if there is any other program out there that does the same thing that i use DVD2AVI for but also works with Divx 5.05

    Any help given to find such a prog is very much appreciated

    P.S if im not allowed to talk about this type of thing here i apologise for that
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    What about the DivX 3.11 Fast Motion codec? That one is better than DivX 5.05 anyway, IMHO.

    But honesly, I've never (well, rarely) converted using DVD2AVI, because I've always used FlaskMPEG. It is way easier and does the conversion from vob to avi in one step, allowing you to use all your own (like DivX 5.05) with your own settings, too!
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    Don't think there is anything in the forum guidelines to say that you're not if they are for your own personal use and you own the originals.
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    Thanks for your help

    Thanks for your help it is very much appreciated... ;)
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    as long as you have the originals and you are not pirating them then we will not send a hit squad over to kill you
  6. Daniel Rossi

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    Lol there all originals hehe

    Lol there all originals hehe
  7. mokuni

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    lol sure they are:p ive got all originals too. its called blockbuster ...haha
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    I've used DVD2AVI, but I get better results with Clad DVD 3.4.0. After that I use VirtualDub for Divx or TMPG Enc for VCD. Try them!!
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    well, not sure if this is the greatest thing to say, but...... How many people do you know that would say "Oh yeah, if they come out with a CD burner, it won't be able to copy software or movies of any sort"????? hmm... me...... NEVER HEARD A ONE!!!! If all the game companies and software companies can do is complain about it, why not just deal with it. Look how much they try preventing it, using SafeDisc or whatever protection they may use, but like i say "If there's a way to do it, there's a way to get through it". One funny bunch of CD's i have is for GTA: Vice City. Made myself a copy of the game (and yes, it is MY originals too. jus made copies in case another cd didn't work right). The CD's work like a dream when installing it, but if you try to use the "Play" Disc, which is also used when installing the Vice City radio stations and ALSO works when installing, it won't play. But all of us know there's a way around those kinds of problems too, don't we?

    P.S. I am deeply sorry for all the rambling that just took place. Main reason i stated the above is because it's the only thing that runs through my head whenever i see one of those stoopid lawsuits from some company against another company because their CD's were copied.