what program can restore settings on reboot?

I'm setting up a public computer in a bar and I'd like to find a program that will keep whatever setting I set and not allow people to download or install programs without a password. or something that will restore a computer to a certain state after each reboot

Is there anything that can do something like this?

Perris Calderon

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I would set up an image and reformat into that image every nite

that would be norton ghost or the other one everyone likes bunches...then you have no worries what so ever
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I remember back when I took a computer networking class (then dropped out after the main stuff) that there was a program running on the class PC's that would revert the PC to set settings after each reboot.
We could change the desktop background, download files, add bookmarks, but each time the computer was rebooted, it was like brand new.
I just can't remember what it was called.
If anyone knows of anything like that, I'd be very interested!

Thanks for your time!
I'd go with what6 Shamus said.

With a public computer that is not locked down anyone can install spyware, keystroke loggers, etc and capture passwords and financial data. Not locking down the computer will leave you open to contributory negligence if the computer is used for illicit activity like identity theft, music.video downloads, child porn, etc.
Thanks for the replies!
Someone else also suggested TrueCafe.
I have about a month until I'll be ready to set everything up so if anyone knows of any other options, please let me know!!