what port or ports does Msn messenger use


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I was wondering what port or ports Microsoft Messenger uses to send and receive files? And is there a way to make that work with network address translation running?


Cut & Paste from M$ site:

This topic describes the settings that .NET Messenger Service uses for TCP ports, voice communications, file transfer, and firewalls.

TCP Ports

The TCP ports need to be configured so that sockets on a port remain open for extended periods of time.

Voice Communications

.NET Messenger Service establishes an outgoing TCP connection from port 6901 for all voice communications.

In the case of computer-to-computer communications, the call recipient also uses TCP port 6901.

All voice traffic also uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets. The user's computer sends and receives UDP packets at port 6901.

File Transfer

Both incoming and outgoing TCP connections use this range of ports: 6891 to 6900. This allows up to 10 simultaneous file transfers per sender. If you open only port 6891, users will be able to do only one file transfer at a time.


To allow users to have a direct connection to instant messaging services through a firewall, instruct them how to:

Open outgoing TCP connections to port 1863 on proxy servers.
Determine which kind of proxy server their networks use (HTTP, SOCKS4, or SOCKS5) and enter the corresponding details (such as server name and port number) on the Connection tab of the Options dialog box.
Make sure that the internal local area network (LAN) has access to the Domain Name System (DNS) servers to resolve the names of external resources.

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Could anybody tell me why my link above is not coming out the way it should? Is it simply too long or am I doing something wrong?

Its a direct cut & paste from the M$ site.

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Try hitting the post reply button and then in there should be a button with http on it click it and put a title in for the link then click ok and then paste the url in and click ok again and then it should work right


Here is what Norton Firewall says.....

All of the ports shown....

My ports change each time Messenger is started, but there one doesn't.... but I am no expert in this!


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Well thanks for helping me guys. I'll do some tweaking and see if I get send and receive files to work. I post any good news in this thread


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if you get the program X-Setup 6.2 then can alter the addresses that Messenger connects to. That will also tell you which ports it uses.


If you are using MSN over a network then its unlikely that it will send files without some kind of tweaking. This is because MSN is reallyyyyyyy stupid and will not use the external IP Address of your connection (like ICQ has "always use external ip address" setting). MSN Doesn't
So i had to create a new rule on the server saying that MSN should use external ip address, on these certain ports (6891-6900). Then i could send files no problems.

I presume something similar would have to be put into effect for NAT


try lookin there.

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