What Pop-Up software are most people using now?

What blocks your pop-ups?

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I use Firebird and The Proxomitron. Proxo has pop-up blocking options that work well, although the biggest advantage for me is ad-blocking and keeping those annoying sounds/music from playing that are embedded in webpages. :)
have been using pop up stopper..... But i'm switching to Mozilla firebird so i'll be protected thru there... *yeah!!!*
I've tried a few, imo the best ones install as bho's as opposed to seperate apps and work in conjunction with MyIE2. Currently I use adshield and myIE2.
I've tested most, and adsheild has always been my favorite, but it's not free anymore
I have been using Ad Muncher. It is the most effective popup/popunder app that I have tested.
Mozilla Firebird's built in Popup blocker and the Adblock Extension. Works perfect for me.

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