What Pop-Up software are most people using now?

What blocks your pop-ups?

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I have been using PopUpCop the last four months and it is catching them all so far and it resides on the windows toolbar for easy access to the options :)
yep - google toolbar works excellent. Very easy to switch off the popup blocked if youget a legit pop up.

The toolbar has additional features such as search google internet/images/specific sites aoo from the IE shell (without visiting the google.com site) - also has a few other functions too.

Check it out here: http://toolbar.google.com/

Firebird for me, does a pretty good job at blocking those nasty pop-upsesss
Popup Stopper pro when using IE.

but mostly i use Firebird, which is built in
Mozilla Firebird :D

Though apparently Microsoft is in the process of making a pop-up blocker for IE.
primarily use Mozilla, but I use the google toolbar in IE
Opera all the way

if using internet explorer, wait for sp2, or try one of any pop up blocker around

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