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What Pisses You Off Most?



Is there something that just PISSES YOU OFF, I mean above being ticked off.... but just MAKES YOU WANNA HIT SOMETHING!!!


very tru sprung!!

Exams piss me off and writing reports that require half a rain forrest to print em out really get my goat!! grrrrr!!!!

:D :D :D


people who drive slow in the fast lane GRRR!! :mad:

people who can't balance a checkbook and then take it out on me at work when they get charged fees ("THIS ISN'T MY FAULT AND I WANT YOU TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!")

people who drive SUV's and think they're the sh*t but don't realize that i actually utilize my v6 power when they piss me off

people who make dumb jokes and don't realize that to me, they're just dumb and not worth laughing at

dumb, incompetent, ignorant, obnoxious people in general

my ex (well, maybe 5% of the time he reminds me that there was a reason i went out with him to begin with, but the other 95%... OOOOH!! makes me wanna SCREAM!!)


telemarketers,driving slow in the fast lane,talking on cell phone while driving ,doing office work in your car....while driving(i.e. useing computer) reading the paper,doing nails,putting on make up,not looking wheare your going,speeding up and just slowing down,cutting in an out of trafic,people who think that Big Trucks(18 wheelers) can stop on a dime"hey they have air brekes" people cutting in line,RUBBER NECKERS:D ,hmmm i know there's more.:rolleyes:


My very sociable roomate's milion friends who are constantly calling here.
Especially when I've just curled up in front of the TV, just sat down to eat, or when I'm all hooked up to my amp and headphones to play music :mad:


not enough people taking advantage of my language tweak...I AM FUJIED OVER THIS
Cool down, fuji-o ! :cool:

-Make a search using *fuji* and display the results as posts.
I get some 7 pages of results, with about 20 results per page.
Not bad, considering it's a fairly new thing.

What you should fret about is the lack of creativity, considering the possibilities.
Mostly, you only get "fujied", "fujistic", "fujism" and "fujitsu".

I much prefer the more original, and much rarer uses.
For example : "fujimentation","fujizmo" and "fujiholy !" (the last two being mine :D )

[I always thought I'd eventually do a survey of the variants. So I jumped on the occasion of you blowing your fujo to do a quick one.]

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