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What Photo manipulation Program do you use?

What Photo manipulation Program do you use?

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Since I got my new camera I am a photo taking fool.

After I edit them slightly, mainly cropping unwanted portions and small color adjustments I will be putting up some of my photos to see what you all think.

My question is what photo manipulation program do you use and WHY?

Pleas post a response as well as answering the poll...


Mike A!
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With an old Minolta Dimage A1, a load of xxx.mrw files of ancient potsherds, I have Photoshop, XnView, and have just added Picasa from earlier post. This way I can produce xxx.jpgs for ease of distribution to fellow idiots, all wanting to see some several hundred of these potsherds. These cover around 3,000 years of farming a 40 acre field just down the road. With maps, aerial photos, distribution diagrams, the potsherds, the need for macro images of some, I need all the help I can get, hence the varied options.
As I type, Picasa is doing it's thing, cataloguing around 50Gb of images - Yo!
and still plodding on 30 minutes later.


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"PhotoShop CS (Legit Copy)"

I find that option funny. It's okay if every other program on the options isn't legit? 0_o

Btw, I voted for PS for the basic stuff, although something like Picasa or Paint.NET is more useful for that. I just don't do enough "basic editing" to justify installing either of those.
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