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What motherboard should I get for an AMD Athlon XP 3200+?


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Hey guys,

I am going to be upgrading my computer to the AMD Athlon XP 3200+. I would upgrade to the AMD 64, however I received a free water cooling kit from Danger Den and Xceleratorgaming [http://www.xceleratorgaming.com], which the block will work up to the XP Series of Processor... if I expanded to the 64bit, I would have to get a new block and I don't want to do that right now.

So I am upgrading as far as I can go within the XP Series. One of the problems is that since I have very little time on my hands with working two jobs and fire fighting, I have not had the time to research what boards will accept this processor, what's good about them, what kind of features, memory, etc... so this is why I am here.

What kind of motherboard do you guys recommend for the Athlon XP 3200+? Can you describe what memory will fit on it? Features, links, all is appreciated!


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i have an xp 3200 in a gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2

Gigabyte GA-7n400 Pro2

read up on this, it rocks,
currently is running two wd120jb's in raid 0
has 1 gig of crucial pc3200 ddr in dual channel mode.

i installed the coolermaster jet 7 blower on the cpu
and i installed a northbridge blower on the northbridge and cooling fins on the southbridge.

it has the 120gb drives in raid 0
a 40gb on an ide channel for mp3's
a dvd dual layer burner
and a dvd rom.

it only has an ati radeon 9500 in it right now. but it is a sweet maching.
I'm waiting for the last of the socket A's to hit that special price.

I use the Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev. 1.04 now and its great, despite a few onboard jeebees with my early revision. The new one is supposed to be even better.

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