what mobo is better


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Jan 12, 2004
I never used abit so I would be bias to the Asus .. However Abit is suppsed to be a very good board..


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Dec 2, 2001
I have owned both... and I'm currently using the Abit. Go for the Abit, basically the same board, only better price :)


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May 8, 2002
the A7N8X Deluxe has Qfan, which lets you dictate how fast your cpu fan runs and set a threshhold (say, 60C) at which it will spin at full speeds. also, the passive northbridge heatsink is more effective, more reliable, and certainly quieter than abit's fan.

the newer A7N8X-E Deluxe adds gigabit an some proprietary wireless upgradeability.

the NF7-S lets your flash your bios through windows. that's really all it's got in the way of unique features.

the newer AN7 has the uGuru chip which lets you control all sorts of things like multiple fan speeds, extensive dedicated hardware monitoring, windows-based frequency settings, and of course windows bios flashing. but the AN7 throws out the superb sounstorm audio that the NF7-S and both the A7N8X's have.


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Aug 29, 2002

all depends what you want to do - are you o/cing or just "using" and if just "using" what is your intended config?

IMHO I would go for ABIT....

why? Because I have the ASUS and not seen any extra value.... then again if you are going for a lot of the extras then I would say the ASUS delux has an edge over the ABIT... there's a link somewhere on the vaporised NTFS BB to a comparative site, but my brain has been fried by HL lately and it is way early here and I have gone into Monday slowmo -

so I think I made my point (I have ASUS and recommend ABIT unless you want delux or know what you want)

something like that...

edit - ooops see you were talking about delux in the first place, well then I'll stick with ASUS like as I have it, only think I might have opted for delux but to be quite honest it is a real fine line to call

I must sort my sig out....

sorry to think out loud guys


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Jan 25, 2003
Watching the posts in here over the last 6 months ABIT seems to be getting the better reviews. Last summer ASUS was ahead but they seemed to have some issues for a while.

Have not seen any problem issues on either brand for the last couple of months.

ABIT by a nose based on older data or flip a coin.

Hows that for an unequivocal maybe?

With either brand watch out for the chipset versions. There seem to be 5 (or more, I lost count) versions of the nforce 2 chipset now. Some still do not support 400 mhz fsb.


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Jan 6, 2004
These boards have a good reputation but ..........
If you want a board half the price ,to equal or better , certainly on overclocking / memory tfr side, try the AsRock K7S8XE+.
No Firewire though ,although has SATA hotplug system.
Approx £39 or $70.
Feb 2, 2004
I just bought me an Asus a7n8x-e deluxe to go with my new barton 2600+ no problems so far - quite pleased with it infact, however the dfi lanparty board that is comparable to he a7n8x-e has a few advantages over it, but so does the asus on the flipside, never used an abit board so cant say, never heard anything bad about them though.


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Apr 12, 2002
Tweakfiend said:
These boards have a good reputation but ..........
If you want a board half the price ,to equal or better , certainly on overclocking / memory tfr side, try the AsRock K7S8XE+.
No Firewire though ,although has SATA hotplug system.
Approx £39 or $70.
sis for amd == teh suck :eek:

no offense but if anyone is planning on building any kind of performance system... I think the last place to look @ would be sis for the socket A platform...

both the abit and asus boards discussed in this thread as well as the dfi lanparty boards are quite exceptional and perform very well across the board...


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Dec 3, 2002
whats the purpose of your computer? gaming, media, surfing the net? how much ram do you expect the use? what processor? these things can help narrow down which would help you the most.
Feb 17, 2003
I would definitely go with the Abit... know a few people who have this mobo and have heard nothing but good things about it (which is always good). You could also look at the direction of the Gigabyte GA-7NNXP (or newer equivalents) as this is also spoken well of.


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Oct 26, 2003
I actually have the A7N8x-Deluxe and have for about a year now.. mine's an older rev 1.3 board that does not technically support 400FSB (though it supports DDR400). My friend has an NF7-S and he likes it quite a bit... Both boards are excellent boards, but I think I like the layout of the ASUS better. The one advantage the Abit has is the P4 connector for the power supply, something mine doesn't have. On my board the ATX power connector is near the top right of the board, while on his it's down and to the left from the CPU. The Asus has dual LAN and 4 USB on the backplane + 2 on a header... the Abit has single LAN and 2 USB on the backplane + 4 on headers. Also, on the Asus, the location of the fan headers is different.. CPUFAN is above and to the right of the CPU, PWRFAN + CHAFAN are oriented horizontally right next to each other directly above the AGP slot... on the Abit, CPUFAN is to the left of the CPU (below the power supply), CHAFAN1 is oriented vertically just above the ATX power header (down/left from CPU) and the PWRFAN header is also oriented vertically just below the ATX power header. Also, as previously mentioned the Asus has a passively cooled northbridge with a decent sized heatsink and the Abit has a small fan on top of an almost nonexistent heatsink. Contrary to what was stated above, the Asus can also be flashed from inside windows using Asus's utility called "Asusupdate". I've been doing it ever since I got the board and have had no issues so far. Asus also has a decent enthusiast community that's been producing a few "hacked" BIOS's (the best of which is the Uber series), one of which I am running. Asus includes the 4 mounting holes around the CPU for large cooling solutions and waterblocks... Abit started including them from rev 1.2-on, so you should be ok if you get a 2.0. Needless to say, about the only thing I've found on the Abit that my Asus doesn't have is an optical digital out on the backplane itself instead of requiring a header. Asus also seems to update BIOS's more often, so take it as you wish.

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