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What makes you bored?



Well I thought I would start this thread as my girlfriend has been and currently is watching on BSB/Sky (TV) the charmed weekend.

It's boring the boxers off, of me. England are playing the Windies ff's, so I am bored having to listen to charmed. Yes, yes yes, a compromise, ha you may ask, not with her my life would not be worth living, you know Women.

So I can't watch Cricket I am listening to it on the radio and she tells me to turn it down as she can't hear chramed.

So tell me peoples, what bores you to death?


Generally Random
Length() Function
The Length() function takes a linked list and computes the number of elements in the list.
Length() is a simple list function, but it demonstrates several concepts which will be used
in later, more complex list functions...
Given a linked list head pointer, compute
and return the number of nodes in the list.
int Length(struct node* head) {
struct node* current = head;
int count = 0;
while (current != NULL) {
current = current->next;
return count;
There are two common features of linked lists demonstrated in Length()...

thats what i'm doing right now. it's also why I'm bored. stupid memory management. and all so i can do keyframed animations in OpenGL :rolleyes:
just as exciting

<smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/SMIL20/Language">
<layout type="text/smil-basic-layout">
<root-layout width="640" height="480"/>
<region id="region_title" bottom="40" height="40" left="0" right="0" top="0" width="640" z-index="3" background-color="#8CA5B5"/>
<region id="region_main" bottom="0" height="480" left="0" right="0" top="0" width="640" z-index="2" background-color="#CCCCCC"/>
<region id="region_base" bottom="482" height="92" left="0" right="0" top="388" width="640" z-index="3" background-color="#8CA5B5"/>
<region id="region_cic_img1" height="100" left="50" top="100" width="100" z-index="2"/>
<region id="region_cic_text1" height="100" left="175" top="100" width="385" z-index="0" background-color="#CCCCCC"/>
<region id="region_cic_img2" height="100" left="50" top="210" width="100" z-index="2"/>
<region id="region_cic_text2" height="100" left="175" top="210" width="385" z-index="0" background-color="#CCCCCC"/>
<transition id="fade1" type="fade" subtype="crossfade"/>
<img src="images/title.png" region="region_title" begin="0s" left="181.5" right="181.5" top="2" transIn="fade1"/>
<!-- Begin Intro -->
<par dur="2s">
<audio dur="2s" src="audio/boom.rm"/>
<img src="images/java_640.jpg" region="region_main" dur="2s" transIn="fade1" transOut="fade1"/>
<par dur="2s">
<audio dur="2s" src="audio/boom.rm"/>
<img src="images/capa_640.jpg" region="region_main" dur="2s" transIn="fade1" transOut="fade1"/>
<par dur="2s">
<audio dur="2s" src="audio/boom.rm"/>
<img src="images/cic.png" region="region_main" dur="2s" transIn="fade1" transOut="fade1" top="150" left="100"/>
<!-- End Intro -->

I hate this


Cheese and bread, I wish I was right now in Trinidad (Port-Of-Spain) winding with those Trini gals rather than listening to charmed. Watching the cricket (rather wish I was playing)

Least you people are having more fun than me right now.


I like UK living. I also like Bravo @ 11 pm. I never miss return to river cottage.
I must have sky + one day.

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