What kinda vehicle u drive? (for those who can drive)

Electronic Punk said:
Peugeot 306 Diesel Turbo
nice car :cool: my mum has a black 306 1.9DT with aoloys etc, dam nice car :drool:

i use my dads Peugeot 309 1.9 Diesel :D
Nothing spectacular here:

Mine - 2000 Dodge Dakota SLT Pickup
Wife - 1996 Chevrolet Lumina 4 door Sedan
I have a permit to drive virtually anything (except for semi and full trailers) but I don't even have a bike :(
Kinda hard when avrage tax on cars is 150%
Here's my baby. :p


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LOL @ Ming!!

Peugeot 106 XSI for me.
Engine is standard apart from the Pipercross induction kit.
Just had a Clifford 300 series alarm fitted, keeps those pesky
gypseys at bay!!:D

Some mental ICE installed (Alpine headunit, Alpine 6x9's, JL e4300 series
Amplifier, JL 12" W0 Subwoofer)
Also have a Playstation 2 mounted underneath the passenger seat
and a screen mounted on the dash.
I have a rear bodykit bumper for it, just waiting for the front:p
Believe it or not, the bumpers im getting are from the ecosse 106's.


Check them out, the kits called EVOLIS (Phase I)

I can post pics of the interior if anybodys interested!!


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LocKStocK after that description I would love to see an inside pic :D
Yes me too lockstock...also for sraycoz Ford Rocks!!
I don't have pics of my car but I found a couple online of one with the same trim (incl moon-roof and digital heads-up-display for speedo)... I have 5 spoke rims instead of what this lad apparently does and I live in florida so no snow :D

anyways other than the rims and the color (mines burgundy) its the same car...
Use to have a 1995 Green Eddie Bower Ford Explorer. Now i have a Honda Accord lx 1990, All stock i run low 17's
Since everything is goin ta hell, this is what I drive. :rolleyes:
Here's my ride. All the comforts of home. Signature Series with a total of 1220 watts RMS from an Alpine/Dr. Crankenstein system with Audiobahn subs.


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unknownsoul said:
'98 S-10 Sport 4.3 HO V6

no such thing has a 4.3 HO, maybe a vortec, but so such thing as an HO

mine as well add my two cents

i drive a crappy 91 cavalier 5 spd with a rockford he2 sub in the trunk
it gets 33.4 mpg so i am not complaining too much with current gas prices.
Wow I have a rapid 1.4 92' Ford Escort LX which goes from 0-60 in a week and a half ;)

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