What kinda vehicle u drive? (for those who can drive)


The One and Only
8 Aug 2002
just kinda curious. don't know why though. meh.

I drive a 1988 Jeep Wrangler. 3 inch lift, 32 inch tires, 4 KC Hilights, nice JVC Kameleon radio, and Detroit Lockers.

The other car in the pic is my mom's '01 Pontiac Trans-AM. i get to drive it every once in a while, but not very often.

P.S. sorry bout the kinda crappy pic. kinda took it from inside the house. just be glad there isn't a screen behind the window.
Have a license, no car of my own though, drive my parents VW Golf TDi 2002
93 Ford conversion van- its huge, bad on gas, and everyone wants to call it the shaggin wagon.
2000 Grand Prix GTP (Black)
Yeah, that mustang would have to be 4.6 liter because they stopped doing the 5.0 ones back in 99 even.
1990 ford ranger (winter beater/work truck)
1993 ford mustang gt 5.0 (toy, intake, K&N air., pulley kit, shift kit, timing tweek, exhaust, flowmaster, )
2002 ford explorer (nice truck)
2002 Nissan Altima Baby!


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Daihatsu Cuore CX 1994


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1986 Toyota MR2

Just finished washing it when I took this shot last summer. Still have not pulled out of winter storage yet. Can't wait.



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Heeter said:
1986 Toyota MR2

Just finished washing it when I took this shot last summer. Still have not pulled out of winter storage yet. Can't wait.


Ooh...nice ride!
2002 Nissan Maxima SE
3.5L 260 HP
My favorite part though... the 7-speaker Bose system! :D

Will post pics later...
Sazar said:
Nissan 240SX coupe... burgundy

I drive a 91 Nissan 240sx HB just installed my in dash DVD player, my brother also has a 240sx but his a 93 and he just got done dropping a SR20DET into it 350rwhp at the wheel. little 4cylinder eats muscle cars alive, its great. :)
1983 Mercedes 240D (the tank)
256,000 miles and still running strong, shows a little rust now though.

Gotta love the smell of diesel smoke in the morning
Picked up my new Alfa Romeo 147 last week!
1.9 Turbo Diesel 140 bhp


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