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What key is browser info in?


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I wasn't real sure what forum to put this in but I think this will work. First I'll say what I'm trying to do and then you can help me with the Windows part of it. I want to filter out people that visit a certain portion of my web site. That way I have a little control over who visits. Down the road, I'm going to have people pay for access to the site. I've seen PHP scripts were you can allow or block certain IPs to a site. I want to do that but instead of IPs I want to go by the browser information submitted (HTTP_USER_AGENT on PHP). I know there is a key in the registry which can add thinsg to the User Agent but I forget it. Does anyone remember it? I went into two IE folders but can't find it and I think I remember it being in a weird place. Thanks.


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I think the idea is to add something specific to the user agent string to allow access. Personally I think its a bad idea, but he didn't ask about that :p


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I didn't think you guys would be a fan of it. LOL. My plan is not to ban users but only allow people in with certain numbers in their USER AGENT. I was planning on giving everyone a unique number to track him them by. For example, pipdipchip will add 5236345234 to his user agent. I would use Null Soft install's registry edit feature to add it so they wouldn't have to.
ahh, its an interesting idea, but what if they dont use MSIE, personally cookies, sessions or a php script with certain pieces of information which they have to match up would probably be more effective
also anyone could just trap either user agent string and then know how to get in, if they knew where the numeric string was for of course


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My reason for it was that if I made a little script for Nullsoft install to add the number than most people wouldn't know what was changed on their computer and couldn't hack, change, and copy it.
but any site they go to which logs the user agent string would have access to that information which you are determining access by

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