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What is your view?


Blame me for the RAZR's
used to do alot.. was very unproductive because of it.. dont any more some what productive.. plaus i weigh like 15 pounds less from no munchie attacks.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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should be legal. It's no different than alcohol to me at least
I don't do it and don't do drugs in general but I think that anyone who wants to do drugs should be able to do them. if someone wants to do crack or heroin til they die I say let them...we should all be able to make our own decisions and if they are stupid decisions oh well...survival of the fittest


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
no big deal to me - plus for a select few people living with chronic pain and illness it gives real relief and I hontestly think for them it should be totally legal.

[EDIT]and I honestly did not click the link before I posted that![/EDIT]

Electronic Punk

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It is more likely to give you cancer and that is obviously without going into it's sideaffects -- drowsyness, tho in a sense (a silly sense) it forces you to concentrate harder to maintain your thoughts.

It shouldn't and I don't think it will be legalised over here. If tobacco was discovered these days I also believe it would be banned.

I can't see the link, but I do agree that it is in the same boat as morphene, but smoking can obviously be substituted for some other form of painkilling.

I do remember some guy tho who had multiple scerosis (sp.?) and it was either exctasy or weed that gave him the ability to function properly for a short period of time.


On one hand if people want to use these drugs then o.k. as long as I don't have these people around me or having to smell the stink the smoke produces.

On the other hand these drugs kill cause brain problems and having people around driving, walking around as high-as-a-kite can't be good.

I think you must be pretty stupid already if you need to smoke or inject something into your body to feel better about yourself.

Small drugs are just a platform to go onto higher more deadly drugs, which eventually kill.

You may say 'what about alcohol', a kind of drug, nicotene etc... well if people were imprisoned when caught drink-driving, or imprisoned when caught smoking that smelly sheet or even injecting the stuff then us majority who don't do it as it's illegal and morally wrong might have a better society to raise our Children and live peacefully without worrying abount being around drunks and stoned people.

Electronic Punk

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Alcohol is another drug I am sure would be banned today if
a) it was discovered these days
b) governments didn't make so much money from taxing it.


Always that word that annoy's me 'TAX'.

How about we start making life 'TAXING' for them.


Dabba Dooba
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I think it should be legal. A sh!t load of people do it and i think i read somewhere that like 85% of americans (correct me on this) have smoked or do smoke weed. Its not that bad of drug. I think its stupid its only legal for some cases. U prob all think i am sayin this cause i got caught with a pop can that i used to smoke it with but no. Also even if it was legal the legal age would prob be like 18 or 21.
I disagree with drugs of any kind, including marijuana. There are plenty of other pain reliefs out there, so I don't see why people have to rely on it alone.
I agree completely with what EP is saying.

And Tuffgong - that's crazy. By the age of 30 drug addicts have done an average of something stupid like 1000 minor crimes in order to pay for their habit. I have no intention of being ripped off because someone has to feed their habit.

I know I sound "extreme", but if it were down to me I would release all drugs captured by customs back into the system, but laced with poison. I have a few friends who openly talk to me about their drugs, and if I were in power, I would have had them killed a long time ago. I have absolutely no time for drug takers whatsoever, and I think Singapore and Malaysia have the right idea - execute anyone caught with any form of drug.

Evil Marge

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I agree with above.
A lovely lad I used to babysit for is now a 21 year old heroine addict,he started with cannabis a few times a week and went down a slippery slope from there.
He steal's from his parent's (all their valuable's are now locked away in my parent's house so he can't nick them),from his sister and from his 5 and 9 year old nephew's(birthday and xmas money).
He's tried many times to come of it and when he does he's the nicest person you could ever meet but sadly it only last's for a few month if he's lucky but he alway's goes back to it and turns into a monster :(
It needs to be legalized. Prohibition (alcohol made illegal in the 1930's) was what started organized crime in the USA. When Prohibition was repealed the crime syndicates shifted to drugs. If all drugs were legalized organized crime would loose 80% of it's income and also loose the support of the drug using community making organized crimes defeat easier.

As for using drugs (that includes alcohol)... I see no reason to intentionally make yourself stupider than you already are. I've had more fun straight than I've ever had wasted (sex, sports, parties, whatever).

Historical notes:
-All drugs were legal prior to Prohibition. They only repealed the alcohol part though.
-The slogan "Coke, it's the real thing!" Originated prior to prohibition. The original Coca Cola had a cocaine derivitive in it. The cocaine extract was replaced with caffiene (another upper drug) when Prohibition made the coca leaf extract illegal.
-Cigarette manufacturers intentionally add nicotine to cigarettes to keep people hooked using carcinogetic cigarettes. (This was proven in USA federal courts in the 1990's and the tobacco industry fined 100's of billions of dollars.)

Is anyone else bothered by the totally inconsistant approach by government to control mind altering drugs?


I think drug addicts should be locked away in 'Turkey cells' for 5 years without any contact with another person accept having someone shove through a grill in their cell food and water.

Our government is too soft on drug dealers and addicts.


Dabba Dooba
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I will never do any other drug other than Weed. I will never smoke cigs either. I tired cigs once when i was 5. Yes its a lil young but i didnt like it even tho i was five. I hate the smells of cigs and i hate havin to breathing it too. Weed is somethin i do once in awhile. I for one dont have money to do it all the time and i dont think its that big of deal to be doin it all the time. I would rather use the money for getting a dirtbike or stuff for my computer than weed.


Beyond All Comprehension.
I see there was a lot of people who didn't read the site before letting their ego's take control..... :( I've never seen so many against the most perfect plant in the world, lol Don't believe me? Take the 100,000 Challenge!! www.jackherer.com
Nobody likes cigaretees. They like the nicotine which is more addictive than heroin. MRI brain scans actually show changes in the brain structure due to use of nicotine. I kow an alcoholic who dried out in 1 year and hasn't had a drink since it took him 5 years to totally quit smoking. Nicotine is bad ****. If you start it you are screwed.
If I am not bothering you... or putting you in danger.... than what business is it of yours (those who support banning) what i do?

Evil Marge

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Richy said:
I see there was a lot of people who didn't read the site before letting their ego's take control..... :( I've never seen so many against the most perfect plant in the world, lol Don't believe me? Take the 100,000 Challenge!! www.jackherer.com
Well your first post did say (Tell your view BEFORE you read the site.... ) and that's what I did

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