What is your real name ??


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Sorry if this has been asked before; I was thinking that it would be cool to tell each other what our real names are, and nick name if you have one. I did this on another board I am on and got a huge response. So maybe It will be good on here as well.

I'll start: My Real name is Frank. I have the nicknames, from close friends, of French Fry (I'm addicted to French Fries) and Super Frank - SprFrankk for short (comes from a movie I made in school for theater class).

So who is next ?? Anyone ?


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Real name: Wyatt

Nicknames: Herbie,Herbs,Herbie the love bug,herbth,Nill pickle (my last name use to be nill), and now its monkey boy cause I was getting some bang bang in the showers at the campground with a girl I am talking to and my buddies aunt,uncle and brother opened the door as I was looking over to see who it was and I was nakey and swing. I was drunk

Close friends just call me herbie or herbs though


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Big Bird
Sleastack ... anyone remember this?
Jolly Green Giant... (like the commercial)
Big Mike
Little Mike - when around my dad..

And my nickname is hardly politically correct. We tend to get some odd looks from people who don't know me, or are overly "racially sensitive".

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