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What is wrong with data calls in .04???


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I just re-downgraded to .02. I have had rzrs in 03, 02, 04 over 03 and 04 over 02. in all possible configurations, 04 is -extremely- more likely to fail to initiate a data call than either 03 or 02.

If we wait for Verizon to fix this, in like, 05, (optimisticaly) $10 says they gut obex and MPT-compatibility too.

It's like, what a changed value or maybe the 'dithering' logic between Ev and 1x mode? I did notice when I 'forced EV-DO' once, things began seriously to suck.

All this observed in one location. EV-DO never works well here... hm... possible clue? My .04 phones -do- try to use EV first then switch to 1x before giving up. My 03 phones also try EV, switch to 1x, *then succeed, every time*....

Hypothesis: Does .04 have problem switching to or using 1x?

Wish I knew enough to properly investigate this... guess I'll have to start readin', heh heh.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Significant progress.

My .04 version is now able to reliably connect in 1X mode, in the same physical location noted above as being problematic. I used Debug mode to force HDR PREF to 'CDMA'

This suggests the problem lies in switching to 1X from EV-DO, when the phone is in "HDR Pref ==>AUTO" mode.

In this location, when I set "HDR Pref ==>HDR" I couldn't even get service in .02.

Strangely, in .02, .03, and .04, with HDR PREF==>Auto, the phone frequently displays "EV" but ALWAYS switches to 1X when actually initating a data call from this location. Vers. 2 and 3 almost always succeed; ver 4 rarely does. Again, in this location. Elsewhere, the phone can make EV calls more reliably.

So I see a strong indication that the problem with 04 is:

"In places with low or non-exiistant EV-DO, the phone tries EV-DO, then switches to 1x, this happens correctly in vers 02 and 03, but 04 cannot switch modes reliably"

Anyone have any idea where to compare that functionality between versions?

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