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What is this sound effect called?

In 2Pac's "California Love" and Cher's "Believe", there is an odd mechanical sound quality to their voices. What is this effect called in sound editing programs?
Sounds like reverb. Hard to tell Cher is kinda nasal to begin with. Also seems like they pushed the high frequency end of the spectrum.

Checked 2PAC also. Easier to tell there. They put a phase delay in (kinda like reverb, it gives it that metallic echo effect) and the high frequencies sound pushed which emphasises the metallic sound.
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Vocalizer also known as a talk box made famous by Peter Frampton! (I want you to show me the way), now I an showing my age. The original vocalizer was a device controled by your mouth the Cheer version was synthized...

Description: This is it! The Super Talker Instrument Vocalizer! Make your guitar talk and produce other vocal effects like those made famous by Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh and Aerosmith. Simple to set-up and use, this cool piece of gear will give your sound that unique edge that blows the competition away.
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I remember watching something on TV about this Cher & this song and this effect was mentioned. I'm pretty sure that they were using a high-pass filter, at least I think that's what it is :) but basically cut off the high frequencies.

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Its impossible to tell nowdays, "pop" music is all about a pretty face and some good studio work. Many times I witnessed how good sound technitians turn high pitch screams into a quality singing :p

So the effects can be pretty much anything, sounds like reverb with some light distortion to me.

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