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What is the most extreame closed cooling system for PC's


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What is the most extreame closed cooling system for PC's that you have seen? I was searching the net just for some fun and was supprised that systems like Koolance water cooling were about hte best I could find.

One would think that someone would have come up with a closed liquid nitrogen setup or some other radical idea.

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There is somewhere that has a setup with pics of liquid nitrogen.

Lay the case on its side, get a foam cup a seal it to the cpu, pour in the nitrogen & away you go. :D

Must try searching for it.


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i don't think Liquid Nitrogen can be used as a long-term kinda cooling method. As far as i know it evaporates VERY quickly. some people have also used dry ice, but same thing, evaporates quickly. There are other cooling methods though besides air and water. Not 100% sure on the technical name for it, but is it called Phase Change cooling or somethin like that? also not 100% sure how it works, but i think it's pretty much like using the same kinda cooling methods that keep your everyday freezer nice and icy.....

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Ya they used the VapoChill LightSpeed for that test at Tom's.
Frozen CPU carries them as well as other cooling or overclocking retailers.


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Nitro is only gets cold when it hits the air there for it could never be a closed system. I used to work in a doctors office and there was a big ass tank of it and inside the tank was like a glass bubble I guess because it would freeze the metal and it would break but it doesn't effect glass or something I dont know. but there was a sign above it that said to always put the top back on cuzz the crap evaporates like crazy when air gets in it.


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in the little tests they show at the bottom... it doesn't seem that great, though it is a great idea. for th P4 test, it idled at 28C, which is great, but once they ran 3dMark2001SE, it jumped up to 45. my current fan pretty much keeps my temp below that no matter what i run.

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