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what is the film "chasing amy" about?


Beware the G-Man
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Go rent it... You will enjoy it.

If we tell you about it, then there is no sence in renting it. ;)

Go rent it. :cool:


Originally posted by veronica
it's not a new film.
It's a great movie about dykes.

Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith. It is not as funny as the other Kevin Smith Films but it is definately one of my favorites.

It has more of a serious story line than the other ones. Little bit more of a Romantic comedy with a slice of Kevin Smith Humor.

If you have not seen this movie .... go rent it.

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Really a great film !
I loved it the first time, loved it the 2 times I've seen it again, and can't wait to have it on dvd !
Me great fan of Silent Bob (aka Kevin Smith) !
( ;) Khayman !)


Originally posted by gonaads
Go rent it... You will enjoy it.

If we tell you about it, then there is no sence in renting it. ;)

Go rent it. :cool:
could you tell me the plot or the moral of the story. it won't ruin the story for me in the remote possibility that i could rent it. i live in a remote isolated area and i don't own a car. i have a VCR but not a DVD.
thank's for all reply's.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Chasing Amy rules, as does all Kevin Smith stuff.

Its about a guy and a girl .....and another guy and there maybe another girl, and probably a few more guys. Classic


i read the whole page as you said. i'm going to try to see the video.

thank you for the reply's.
guess I am the only person that does not see one piece of talent in any of the Kevin Smith movies. There isn't one good actor in any of them. Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back had to the be worst movie I have ever seen (I have seen all the KS movies).

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