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What is the fastest web browser?

Perris Calderon

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I've seen so many preferences for second party browsers

some of them have some very nice features, and are as fast as ie...pheonix and opera are among these (Netscape and Mozille are not)

but there is no browser faster then ie, that is available to the public

fans of other browsers will always find faster browsing

this is due to familiarity of their browser, and the belief that there must be something better then what Microsoft gives away.

it's your preference and convenience that will give you speed

this is a fact for everybody...what you know, and what you prefer will be the fastsest browser for you

now, there is actually a browser that has a different concept of design, which is multiple times faster then ie.

a child has written the code for it, and it has won some awards.

believe this

Microsoft will buy this browser too...and if someone outbids ms for this browser, then microsoft will fugure out what concepts prevail, and they will adjust

Microsoft must have the fastest browser...this is what Microsoft believes is an important part of their marketing strategy...if, and when a browser proves faster, Microsoft will find out why, and they will rewrite code accordingly.


crazybrowser. It uses the IE engine, plus it stops all popups which has got to save you time.

Would that technically constitute faster, or just more efficient? :p

Perris Calderon

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you are absolutely correct...conveninece will definately translate into speed

this is a big reason mozilla and opera and pheonix, (and crazy browser and my ie) prove faster then ie for people that find good use for the extra features.

kevin...opera may have improved in page loads since I last tested, ( it;s beeen years), so I can be wrong in my opinion.

a good example might be though my experience with mozilla

it might have been, (as an example hypothetically), mozilla loaded an image faaster then ie...the first time...but mozilla just cannot make efficient use of temporary intenet files, and so if mozilla did infact load images faster then ie, (no, just a point I'm making), then ie more then made up for it in efficient use of the temporary internet files.

but as I said, I haven't tested opera in years, so it might well be faster in pageloading then ie,

I would think of testing opera again when I am finnished with pheonix testing...but to be honest, I am so looking forward to getting back to ie, that I will not be testing another browser for quite some time
Yeah, I don't think you can say that one is "the fastest". It all depends on what the pages look like, how the code is made and so on. try some browsers out and find the one you like best.

The slowest browser is Netscape 4.7 though... IMO :D
I suppose it boils down to personal preferences and, perhaps, what you are used to. Opera and crazy browser are marginally faster in certain areas than IE, but I still find the familliarity of IE6 keeps me using it. I normally end up tweaking it to hell and back, but this is purely a psychological thing I have against anything Micro$oft!! If truth be said, I have tried virtually all of them, but always come home to IE



I may actually be insane.
HAHAHAHAHA Henyman said aol again. You gotta stop doin that, it hurts when I laugh this much.

In regards to the question tho, Links and Lynx are pretty muchly is the daddy-o's of speed, because they don't render images etc.
As for every-day browsers, i think that Opera's rendering of pages is much faster than any other browser i've used. But of course, with speed out the way, we all know that Mozilla is the don. ^_^


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Well, I just installed Mozilla's newest and am quite impressed. It does run faster, and seems to be more "productive" as a whole. BUT I do have one problem or concern. It let's me into my Yahoo email, but not into anything that's at "rd.yahoo.com" with the same account. And all I want to do is post a signature so I can use it here, Ha. I've never had this problem and it gives me a connection refused every time. I checked if it was my crappy dial up, with IE, and had no prob...and advice that's not bashing would be cool.

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