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what is the command to check disk?

Everytime if I want to check error on all the parition in the harddisk,I need to:

click 'My computer' -> Right click on the disk (C or d or E, F, G, H...), select properties -> Goto the 'Tools' sheet -> Select 'Error-checking' -> Select 'Automatically fix the file system errors'

but this have so many steps if I need to check all the error on my partition in my harddisk(I have 6 partition!)...

Is there any faster or command line method to do the above tasks?

thk a lot.
chkdsk C: /F
chkdsk D: /F

...and so on from the command line. The /F switch is analogous to selecting the 'Automatically fix the file system errors' box.


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in the command prompt type chkdsk c: /f and so on

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