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What is the best linux??



I wanted to know your opinion about the best linux, like red hat or mandrake or anything else your running. I want to install one on my machine with windows XP.


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I'm running Mandrake, it's pretty good... Red Hat is more for those that know Linux by heart because it's that advance... so if your new to linux, get Mandrake.
For n00bs, either get Red Hat or Mandrake, they both are pretty much the same thing, after you get good with that then try out the others.

Linux really is a personal chioce kind of OS, some peps like this one and others like that one.

I really like Lycoris Desktop/LX ... behaves and looks a lot like Windows XP, but with all the features of Linux, of course.

Go check out some screenshots. You'll fall in love with it at first sight :p


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I installed Lycoris a little while back to check it out. Very easy install, very XP-like. And one of the best "Matrix" style screensavers I've seen. Only drawback is that it takes more resources to run than other distros.
I just installed Mandrake 9.0 last night along with win98 and winxp all on the same drive. It works well. Just have a partition or drive free and it'll install no problem!

The only thing I could do without is the dual-dual boot thing. I turn on the PC, it goes to LILO. From there I choose Linux or windows. Then I get to the windows bootloader that lets me choose between win98 and winxp. A bit of a pain, but I set the default for LILO to go to Windows so it will eventually go into winXP by itself if left alone for about 10 seconds.

I tried Redhat a while ago, but thought Mandrake's install was a little bit better IMO. But Linux itself is about the same. You get basically all the same packages.

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