What is OEM?


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31 Jan 2004
What is OEM? And why are the OEM versions of XP Pro cheaper than the ones without OEM?

Microsoft Windows XP Pro With Service Pack 1A OEM

Our Price £86.37
£101.49 inc VAT
So what does that mean? I take it that its the full working version of XP?
or manuals...

oem items are no frills versions of boxed items. ie, oem hdd's will have no cables or mounting hardware usually, oem Cpus have no hsf, etc....
Ahh, thanks for the help. Would it be recommended to buy OEM over the non-OEM?
OEN - the second post was accurate but is there a funny?

Oddly Enwrapped Machinery :p

Anyways my penceworth - OEN can also be like in the slim line HP iDesign machine - that would have had oen OS etc on it - it was lipped into a hidden partition,,,,

So even buying a new box with all the frills you may get "OED'd"....

More verobosely the point is you buy a bunch of stuff from a big outifit (they're guys like DEll or HP) and because of who they are and what they want they get cheaper biuts like the OS and addpons, bundle them up - then sell the box for 3-4 times what it cost them,.....

You can buy personal oem if buildingtoo - just need to be slightly cautious about what you need and what you'll get - the coe softwate ust be the same essentially, personal worst case wa an OEM XP machine supplied no Xp CD (YEs they can do that!) so when disc goes I have to buy both fisc and another XP CD *unless I'm clever prepared, and pesimisstic enough to ghost my drive,,, even then not sure that flies!)

Hope I helped explain - even if at too much length
OEM versions of XP (or other products) are on sale for about a 30% to 50% discount as the licence agreements from you know who requires that it’s sold as part of a hardware related sale like a computer. However it’s quite legal for you to purchase XP with (for instance) a fan, which is a sort of hardware upgrade. The downside is that all you get in effect is the disk and an OEM key. This is exactly the same as the full product I purchased for double the price once you throw away the cardboard. Your legal position remains the same i.e. you don’t have one (joke).
Some OEM deals are really good. And to tell the truth some things you buy you don't need all the extreas anyhow. ie, a hd with cables and mounting hardware. Because if you buy the case and MOBO they will have all you need anyhow ;)
OEM AMD processors mean it has 1 year warranty instead of 3, and they dont come with a heatsink/fan.

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