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What is needed for a Halo Dedicated Server, or a CSS dedicated server?


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
I know the system specs needed for such a server.
But i wonder what sort of internet is needed?
I assume, i can not run one on my comcast connection, i doubt i can even run one on a fios connection.
So tell me, how do these people make servers that don't lag?

American Zombie

Staff member
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Yes you can run one on your cable connection. If you get lag just set min/max rates but usually this is not needed. The following info is dated but still applies for the most part in running a server lag free.

Command Center

Once there click on How To.


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I'd clear that with the Comcast EULA. Most residential plans (including FiOS) forbid hosting any services.
While many providers forbid it, they wont ping on you and shut your connection down unless they see your connection using high bandwidth all the time...

Some of them have alerts to show when someone passes a certain threshold with regards to sending/recieving certain amounts of data in a given period:
I.E. days, weeks, months...

I have a friend who hosts CSS on his connection, and they have yet to ping him for it, although when he knows he wont be home he shuts the server down.

Mike A!


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
I dont care :)
we pay 52 dollars a month for comcast. im thinking that they wont care, i really have nobody in my entire town that uses high bandwith....


█▄█ ▀█▄ █
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You should care.

I had an episode once (won't get into details ;) ) Where I lost my service for a few months and got slapped with a hefty fine for violating their EULA.

Oops :p

I paid the fine and nothing really came of it, was more of a misunderstanding really. They need no reason whatsoever to kill your connection if they feel you are operating outside of what is defined within your contract.

In all honesty, if "no one in your town" really uses bandwidth, that will make you stick out more if you are so high above everyone else with regards to upstream traffic.


Spammer representing.
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I finally got my teamspeak server and CS:S server working.

Apparently the first hack I performed a long time ago wasn't good enough.

But really port forwarding for 27015-27022 UDP and TCP are enough, unless you want teamspeak. Windows Messenger Live works as well though if you have the bandwidth. And you can make fun of peeps asfter you have slaughtered them. Fun actually.

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