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What is it about men?



What is it about men that when they do something wrong suddenly you're in the wrong and they are the ones sulking? Take my b/f for example, last night he went out and got paraletic drunk and today he's the one sulking and not talking to me!

Let me give you a little background information: He went out with a friend and came home as 3.15am, very early for him so he must have been really drunk! I know the time because he makes so much noise I'd swear he wakes the entire apartment block. Anyway, he went to the lounge and fell asleep on the couch. At 5.30am he stumbled into the bedroom and proceeded to fall into the laundry basket and couldn't get out. I had to get out of bed and pull him out of it. Then he fell on the bed with his trousers around his ankles. I told him to get up and take them off. Finally he managed to and then staggered towards the door to go to the bathroom.

Unfortunately he kept grabbing at the wrong side of the door for the door handle. I told him to go to the other side and he then tried to open the closet door. I told him again he was wrong so he then walked into the closet. I had to get up again to pull him out of it and guide him out the bedroom door into the hall, where he started to pull down his boxers to go to the toilet. I told him he wasn't actually in the bathroom yet and dragged him there, all the while I was getting a string of abuse through gritted teeth. Not at all impressed I pushed him into the bathroom and told him to p*** off.

He was in the bathroom for ages and made an awful amount of noise. When he finally came back he was naked and collapsed on the bed. Somehow I didn't think my flatmate would appreciate the sight of his boxers first thing in the morning so I went to the bathroom to retrieve them and found that he had somehow managed to remove the toilet seat!!! So at 5.45am this morning I was trying to refit the toilet seat so my poor flatmate (who always gets up first) wouldn't unsuspectingly "fall in" in the morning.

Finally got back to bed and the inconsiderate git snored for the rest of the night! He had a meeting this morning at 8am so I called his at 7.30. Needless to say he was not impressed and I got more abuse. Finally when he was dressed he came over to apologise. When I asked whether it was for last night or this morning he denied all knowledge of anything that had happened.

Fair enought you'd think. But I had just got into work this morning, looking like something the cat dragged through a bush backwards from tiredness and he rang to apologise. Unfortunately somewhere in the middle of his "apology" he decided to say "thanks for waking me up this morning, I appreciate it now but at the time I wanted to bash you off the wall" while laughing at the time. I told him I didn't find that very funny and he said "FINE SO" and hung up. I rang later to see if he would answer, he didn't.

So guys, please tell me, who gets the short end of the stick here???


Next time inform your flat mate of the problem with the toilet seat and let HIM take a dump first!!!;)

PS - Then flush!


Free to Fly
Awh... :D

If he goes out again and you think he'll come back late and drunk make sure theres no clothes in the basket.. hopefully he'll wedge himself in there.


Neither do I, trust me he'll be getting hot tongue and cold shoulder for quite and while to come yet! :mad:


Ahh, thanks Xsivforce, but I think I can handle him, he'll just be doing his own washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, etc for some time to come *S* ;)


The smell of drink off him this morning was disgusting, bet his boss was impressed *lol* I hope he's been dying sick all day. :)
Originally posted by Eve
he'll just be doing his own washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, etc for some time to come *S* ;)
I already do that for three people. ;) Single Dad of two kids. Just me and them. Just say the word and we will assemble Team XP Force and be there in a jif. :) Or if it gets bad, we will unleash Jewelzz on him and he will wish it never happened. :eek:

Perris Calderon

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ha...eve...can you act?

go out tonight, have some fun with your friends.

before you get home, find the cheapest alcohol you can get a hold of, and drench yourself...hair, feet, especially the privates.

then when you get home, see if you can act up a job even worse then his behaviuor...LOL


Ouuh Eve, you poor girl.. I hope your gonna make him suffer for a good few months! lol :D

P.S. We're not all like that babes.


Thanks guy! Thought in fairness I do think he was drinking vodka and redbull, normally he's a very happy drunk but that stuff just turns him pyscho. I think he's in bed, I got home from work and there's no sign of him. His keys are here so he must be in the bedroom. He can stay there for all I care. If all comes to all my flatmate is gone home for the weekend I can stay in her room.


yeah, that sucks.. he's was a drunken prick and you shouldn't feel bad at all.. he deserves what he gets.. hey, sometimes I get too drunk and act all stupid but at least I will admit to it and apologize, and of course try to make up for it within reason..

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