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What is going to be THE game?



Hey, just wondering wut u guys think is gong to be the new cool kick ass game that everyone's playin and stuff. All responses welcome!

oh yeah, wut bout Halo 2?!?!


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frankly unless you play online with cable or good 56k modem you are NOT going to want to buy ut2k3..

unreal 2 and deus ex 2 should have been on the list... both are games I want to buy... as is doom III :)

halo 2 I will get for the xbox when it comes out...
Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
Doom3 for me. Frag fest all the way. :D
Doom is a slow FPS game, unlike UT.You need to frag as fast as you can before they frag your A$$!
doom became famous because in the past there were no FPS games..now UT,Red Faction..etc are big challenegers..we will wait 'till 2003 to see the result!
GTA VICE CITY!!!!!!!!!
Man, I must own that game. I've seen pics and videos and I couldn't believe I was watching images rendered by a PS2!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!
The sad part is that I have to wait 'till early November to buy it :(
i think one of the most important facets to any game is whether or not it pushes the technology envelope.

i'll place my bet on doom 3. from all the articles i've read, this game will completely redefine the gaming industry and the way in which we, as gamers, look at games.

look at it this way...quake 4 is being built using the doom 3 engine.

need i say more? :)


F@H - Is it in you?
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battlefield 1942 is crud... cept for multiplayer aspect it is shyte...

there are a few games that I have felt let down by after all the hype... jedi knight2, hitman 2 and bf1942 is right up there...

but I am a big nitpicker when it comes to what I like and what not... :)

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