what is a ping



in a previous thread i asked about playing mohaa online and said it was slow and when i pressed the fire button it didnt fire for about 20 seconds.Robbiesan suggested i try the ingame browser for a better ping. so my questions

what is a ping?
how do i find out my ping?
if im connected by modem is it better to join a game with a low ping or a high ping?


You cannot choose what ping you have.

Your connection to the Internet determines your ping...

If you're on cable or DSL, you will have a lower ping than if you connect to the internet using Dial-up...Low ping is obviously better, cuz the response is faster...

Your ping should be shown when you show your scores...though i've never played mohaa multiplayer, so I am not sure. But in Counter-Strike, the pings are shown in the Scores...


I'll try to tell you this in a simple way.

Ping is measured in miliseconds...Its the amount of time it takes to transfer information to another computer...for gaming a low ping is critical!

What you were describing sounded more like lag than your crappy ping.

If ya want to game... better look into some form of broadband!

Good luck!


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