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What is a good free CD/DVD program?


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Hey all, I was just wondering what to use to burn dvds, data/music cds, that's for free. EDIT: snip/snip.
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Hey all, I was just wondering what to use to burn dvds, data/music cds, that's for free. Does anyone know where I can get Nero burning rom for free as well?
This has been discussed on the forum before :)

As for where to find Nero for free, you may or may not get a free express version if you purchase a new CD burner.. other than that, the forum guidelines do not allow discussion of pirated/warez software.
Warez is an internet term used to describe software, film, music and data piracy. Any information relating to piracy activities is strictly forbidden from this site.
This rule is not limited to warez, but also includes "keygens" and "cracks", including how to obtain or install them. This can include information on how to bypass, circumvent any software or operating system’s security protocols.
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It isn't free, but...

You can find a copy of Nero Ultra 6 for $30 or less if you look around. I got mine for $35 a couple years ago. I've seen a lot of people say they prefer 6 to the latter Nero 7 version. 6 has less bloatware and does everything I need including authoring movies, editing MP3's etc. A product that is actually worth what you pay for it.


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could be problems with nero 6 and vista. I installed it and had conflicts. Others have had success. Ashampoo burning software is awesome, no bloat and works great in vista.


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Ahh, in my quest to quickly obtain a burning program to backup my files, I completely forgot about using the SEARCH function. My apologies and thanks to all that read/replied!

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