what in the hell is this all about?


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I've noticed this alot recently I disabled error reporting so why in the world does that box pop on my task bar at random times? i cant figure out if its windows or some program I happen to be running and I never seem to be running the same programs when it happens so I'm thinking its windows. I would also like to know what is having an error......



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I know what it is... you're at Neowin. :p

Seriously, Have you gone into "Event Viewer" to see if you can find what it is that is causing the "error report" pop-up?

Next time it occures take note of the time that it happened and then go into "Event Viewer" and see what coinsides with that time stamp.

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You ever had a box pop up and say

"you have moved your mouse please restart your pc for changes to take effect" ?


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