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what if

at the moment running with a 120 gig seagate hard drive (7200), i was wondering what would be the outcome if i added a 40 gig hd (5400) as a slave,would it work ok or cause a blip with the work of the 120 hd and cause chaos with the rest of the workings of the base unit.answers please on a postcard .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
well if you're running XP on 120gb then it would be faster than running on the 40gb but if you're just adding the 40gb then you're just gonna have extra storage on the computer but no change in performance. im running xp on 80gb sata drive, and i have linux installed on 10gb ide drive and all my media on a 120gb ide drive
previously (I need another bout of FreeBSD desktop passion to do it again) I had WinXP on an 80gb drive with windows data on it and a 120gb USB2 external drive, and FreeBSD main on an 80gb drive with my /usr/home/ on a 120gb drive, but I now have WindowsXP on an 80gb drive with the 120gb and 80gb drives storing data and the external drive storing data that I want to take home in a few weeks.

my general rule is that you dont keep a windows system on the same drive as your data, its just asking for trouble, esp if your system disk get foobar'd

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