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What if...


Dabba Dooba
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Hey...i was thinking what i would do with $20,000...I unno why just that much but here is what i would do...I would buy a 04 YZ 250, all upgrades for it...a 4 seater golf cart that has a lift kit,mud tires,stereo,a lil cooler thingy, put a lil money in the bank and give some to my g/f.

What would u do with $20,000?


I may actually be insane.
In reality I'd probably spend £12k, yes 12k, on a fully kitted G5 rig. About £1k on new decks. About two grand on records and a new mixer stand. Then dump 5k in the bank.

I'd like to think that I'd be sensible enough to just bank the lot though ;p


Prodigal Son
A year supply of butterscotch pudding, a case of Stolichnaya, some shoe laces and a subscription to Modern Living Magazine. Oh, and hookers, lotsa hookers...
I'd put 15 away for my son, so when he gets old enough and wise enough he can have it for whatever. The other 5 would go to pay bills and take out Mrs. Funky for that valentines dinner that we never got to do!
xsiv... Solichnaya? Please tell me you have better taste than that! :( You've got 20k, buy some expensive stuff! You should try some Ciroc; great stuff. I actually like it better than Grey Goose.


Nissan Powered
I would buy an RB25 and swap it into my 240sx and put the rest in some kind of cd or mutual fund or something damn just the bank acount that dont make enough intrest.

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