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What I had to deal with this morning (pic inside)

Originally posted by Herkalees

Mom nature.
That looked like my car. Only, mine was worse, slightly. I couldn't see the windows :)

I love snow! It's awesome, and I think out of my 145 pounds, I just lost 5 shoveling all that off. I would go out and post a picture of the car, and I will actually. :)


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I don't miss that. My daughter is living back in NJ, this is the 1st winter where she has a car, she's not happy having to dig out of 2 feet of snow. Muahahahahaha, I love AZ :D


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Lol I went to Czech Repub. and it was just like that cept little worse sometimes,

Err Jewellz the man in ure sig is giving me evils !!! I swear he don't like me :(



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Aaaaaah... How did John Denver put it???

Sunshine on my shoulder, makes me happy...

Move to CALI !!! ...or FLORIDA. :p
Officially more snow here than during the blizzard of 78. I think I've been shovelling for the better part of two days. 12 foot snow bank infront of my house.

I'd give my left nut to live in Santa Clara again...

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