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What Heatsink Should I Use?



I have an Athlon XP 1900+ and I have the heatsink that came with it. I'm running hot since th heat of summer and I would like to upgrade my heatsink and I would like to know what heatsink is best to use. What does everyone recommend for the Athlon XP 1900+
Thanks, Gina


I would go for thermalright SLK-600 or wait for the SLK-800 version :)
best heatsink


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Copper is good, but that doesn't give you the lowest temps as alloy shifts heat better, but copper keeps the temps more constant.

Mostly anything with a delta fan will work.


I run about 51c at idle since these HOT days in New York and I know that isn't too hot but if I reboot the computer, it won't reboot and sometimes the computer will reboot on it's own and as I just said, it won't reboot with that high of temp. So I just shutdown till the night when I know my cpu temp will be cooler.
On a cool day I idle at about 34-35c.
Thanks, Gina
It should not be rebooting at your temps stated above, something else is causing the reboots, not 51C temp CPU. That temp is a little high, but in the range of that CPU.



Your not the only one that has said that before. I know that 51c is not TOO hot to be causing this problem. When I run at this temperture and I can't reboot, I've gone into the bios and just let it sit there for a while and there was no problems. I did this to see if there is a problem with my motherboard. Why would my pc reboot at 51c or so on it's own or not be able to reboot manually?When it's running cool, I have no problems.
Is my cpu possessed??? Or is it another hardware problem when the system temp gets too hot!!
Thanks, Gina


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i had a problem with rebooting by its self, i found out that it was a ram problem.
Had two different makes of ram in one was cas latency 2 and the other CL 2.5

Looks like from ur sig u have three hard drives, my guess would be they are too hot, but really the possibily causes of the reboots are endless.

I would look at the temps of those hard drives, get a fan for them.

Check your MB temps also.

Check the Ram, see if it's getting too hot also, check them also for a possible bad stick.

Also the puter should be in an open location, nothing within say 6 inches from it. Worst thing u can do to a puter is put it in a desk cabinet, nowhere for the heat to escape to.

Good luck



Your probably right. Thanks so much for all your help. I'll start monitoring temps of everything I can. Does anyone know what normal temp a video card should be? Mine runs usually about 54-55c. I have a Thermaltake HardCano II temp monitor and it's pretty accurate. I have it monitoring my cpu and video card.
Maybe I should move around the wire probe to read other hardware temps. Can anyone post "safe" temps of harddrives, video cards and ram? Any imput would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Gina:)


I feel so damn stupid! I dumped my computer and reinstalled XP Pro. I then installed my hardware drivers one at a time and noticed that it was a driver problem with my usb smart media card reader that was giving me this problem. The problem was not because my cpu was running hot. It just was coincidental that when I had this problem, my cpu was at 51c.


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