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I have a geforce2 go graphics card and am just wondering what good games will test my machine and the garaphics card.

you could also try mohaa (medal of honor allied assault) - it looks AWESOME and is very detailed. In fact, the fps counter actually shows the number of triangles being drawn, etc... it's really challenging for your machine. My machine (in my sig) gets 95-30fps, but I've got all effects maxed, max circles, detail, distance, particles, all that crap. Plus 4x AA and 32x anisotropic filtering. You really have to tweak your settings to get it right though, I was dropping down to 14fps yesterday until I disabled sub-pixel accuracy, etc. And that was without anisotropic and AA!! So, your video card settings (and drivers) make a HUGE difference.


ps oh yeah, the game is fun, too :)
Currently the most graphic intensive games are Dronez and Aquanox, gameplay isnt that great tho...Graphics rival or even exceed those of Xbox...
There are many, Max Payne, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Black & White...I'm sure they'll look good on almost any PC, but try to max the effects and textures...
Id just say Return to Castle Wolfenstein with graphics to FULL.

I have a GeForce2 MX, 1GHZ AMD and 256Mb ram and it runs fine with graphics on FULL but i put it to lowest just for extra speed

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