What game changed it all?

Originally posted by dealer
I have never gotten into gaming

learned chess, noting else is as exciting to me, and I guess I'm glad, cuz I ge addicted easy

Chess rocks. --And not Chessmaster on the PC, nor P-Chess on the Palm aor any of that other nonsense. No, the game where you step away from the computer, use a table-top board and actually maneuver the pieces with an appendage, not a peripheral device..:happy:
As far as i can remember the one that got me into gaming was Quake 2 !!!

Now playing Quake 3 Arena, much better now and better engine!!
Originally posted by Sazar
am really surprised no one has mentioned castle wolfenstein or doom from ID...

I mentioned Doom, razor_ro also mentioned doom. Lots of hours wasted on doom.
The only game that really got my attention alot was RTCW and for one simple reason: Play as a team or lose. I thought it was a really cool concept,and it was real intense when you had people from god knows where all working together. It was really fun(till all the patches and punkbusster were incorporated,which all but ruined it,and the people that decided points were the most important thing).
Wolfenstein3D, the first FPS I played and the grand-daddy of them all.
For me it was pong <<< LOLOL

ok that was when I had an atari game system and was 12 years old ..... but on the computers for me it was quake and doom they were the stepping stones for me
i think the game i have played the most are Half-Life Mods, my favorite would be Day of Defeat, i liked CS until it went retail, cuz then it got kinda gay, and noobs and cheaters came :huh: I also like the MechWarrior series, really liked there newest one, MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. but i like lotsa games, im a huge gamer :D oh and i should say StarCraft and Doom and stuff too, lol. also i liked playing Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, fun game, kept me busy for hours. I just got my Xbox, so i dont have many games, but i wanna get Steel Battalion, that game is amazing!!! probably one of the best games out at the moment

A while ago I became sort of disillusioned with the games I was playing. Counter-Strike was getting tired, and there wasn't anything else on the horizon that I was really getting into.

Then I found Natural Selection.
Best game I've ever played. It's just so much fun!

If there was one game that changed it all, it'd have to be Half-Life. After all these years, it's still the game that all first person shooters need to front up to.
thats true, HL has been out for soooo long, and is still an extremely popular game. Almost every gamer has played it atleast once.

that's easy.

the game that changed it all was...*drum roll*...half-life! :)

to this day, i still think it's one of the best games on the market, especially with the heavy mod support.
Spyhunter and Mike Tysons Punchout on NINTENDO.

Civilization I (Sid Meiers) on PC. Anyone know this one?

Mortal Kombat ARCADE is an ultimate classic. ;)
I'm voting for Way of the Exploding Fist on the Spectrum. Ah, the grandfather of Tekken! :cool:
Pong ownz all you

all your women are to belong to me


The games for me:

1) Star Control
2) Civilization
3) Doom
4) X-wing
5) Master of Orion

in that order.

Back in the early 90's, those were the PC games that really got me into gaming. Currently my favorite games are Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights.

When I first played Metal Gear Solid I was frign' AmaZeD at the capability of how it could pan around rooms and zoom in and out.

Flight Simming I'd say MS Flight Simulator 2002 has brought a whole new dimension to interactive flight. Being able to download your own aircraft, paint them and fly anywhere in the world and setting your weather and flight plan.

I'm not sure I've seen better graphics then I've seen in Hitman 2, just awesome..
Originally posted by Deeptrance
Spyhunter and Mike Tysons Punchout on NINTENDO.

Civilization I (Sid Meiers) on PC. Anyone know this one?

Mortal Kombat ARCADE is an ultimate classic. ;)

I got civ 3 love it ;)
well.... these are just games i will never forget..... ever

first person shooters:
duke nukem 3d
doom 1,2
mechwarrior series (mw1 especially, is mw considered fps or not?)

chrono trigger
final fantasy 7
mario rpg
diablo 1,2

real time strategies:

racing games:
super mario kart
gran turismo 3

all emulators
SNES - snes9x zsnes
N64 - CORN, ultraHLE (the reason why i bought a voodoo 3 3k), project64
what got me into gaming?

A game called triple action for intelivision.

What got me into high end PC gaming?
Soldier of Fortune.
Soldier of Fortune 2 souble helix is everything that Soldier of Fortune wasn't - The gore owns
Doom changed it all for me. I remember going to school and then playing Doom. That was my life for like a year. Creating custom levels, dialup-coop! (WOOHOO!)... Those were the days.

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