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What game changed it all?


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For me it was Metal Gear Solid on PSX. I LOVE that game...it had a great story, great graphics, and excellent gameplay. I almost cried when I finished it...(joke). Another game that is one of my favorites is Halo. I palyed that game 9 months straight because the multiplayer was so addictive. The single player missions were excellent too. One of my old school favorites would be Sonic 1. I still remember when my dad bought me a Sega Genesis..put the Sonic 1 cartridge in and I played for hours...:D


What game changed it all? Changed what? Your life?

If you mean, the game that got you into gaming, well i'd have to say sonic on my Sega Mastersystem(the big original one) for console and Doom for the PC.

If you mean, the game that you liked the most. Well Diablo kept me entertained for months, and Unreal Tournament rocked.

/Waits for the oldies to tell stories of playing pong on the tv....
the game that made the devil runs in my veins is Resident Evil 2 :rolleyes: and then MGS I liked sneaking and the storylines, my tears dropped down when Merrel got shot in her legs and shouting at snake to leave :( and when they torture you :D to keep her a live


Originally posted by jumpy
Waits for the oldies to tell stories of playing pong on the tv....
I hate to admit to this but I can remember my oldest daughter playing PacMan on an Aatari (spelling?) hooked up to the TV.

Okay I admit it - I also used to play PacMan on an Apple IIE!:eek: :eek:


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my all time favourites :D ...... these are games that I've completed, reset the game and finished it again and again

Street Fighter 2 on the snes
Super Mario Kart on the snes

Goldeneye on the N64

Quake 3 arena PC



Duke Nukem did it for me ...still maybe the most fun i ever had gaming ...i think mainly because i played on kali where after you finished dukin' it out you went back to irc-like chat. all the clans hungout in the same chat room which led to all kinds of entertainment :)

something i think many games lack nowadays is that real sense of community

favorite clans i belong to at different times were ~DOG~(Drunkin' Oline Gamers) and DSM(Doomed Space Marines)

http://www.concentric.net/~dhhewit/clanfire/clanfire.htm (clans from Kali)


Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10 (Best RPG's EVER... well maybe Chrono Trigger gets that honour)


Those are the games i will always have fond memories of.... well maybe not fond memories of Silent Hill... that was just pants wetting scary...
fav game sof all times.....

hmmmm, sooo many..... super mario bros 1, 2, and 3, ..... street fighter 1 & 2, pro wrestling for NES, altered beasts, MGS for PSX, goldeneye for N64, super mario kart, ....HALO, Duke Nukem and of course #1 game is DOOM......

ps.... i dunno how most of you didnt mention Counter Strike, too many hours wasted on that one :cool:


Metal Gear Solid on ps1.and in da good ol' days the super mario series,street fighter and mortal kombat!!


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I was a mortal kombat master back in the day on the pc...

that thing was the shiznit :)

we used to have lunch time tourneys in the computer lab.. me and a m8 were the resident champs :)

what was really brilliant was that none of us knew any moves when we started... but we learnt em all by ourselves.. all the fatalities and secrets and what not... kano was the hardest since his fatality was different... and Reptile.. omg... how hard was it to beat him?

however after the first coupla times me and my m8 were going through and whooping him double flawless every time :)
In the console realm, it was the Intellivision.... some of you older folk might remember this one. Had a few different Ninetendo consoles, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, then Playstation then I switched to PC.

In the PC realm, Duke Nukem & online play with Kali and , modem to modem with a friend, then came Quake & Quake World with Team Fortress.... then Unreal Tournament and now Quake 3 - Urban Terror.


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started out with Dragon Warrior 4 for the NES, then i got punished for some stupid ****e one time and my mom wouldn't let me play it anymore...lol. once final fantasy 7 came out for psx it was all over. i haven't seen any rpg come close to the ff series. im gonna buy a ps2 just so i can play ff10.


F@H - Is it in you?
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am really surprised no one has mentioned castle wolfenstein or doom from ID...


I spose I will mention them anyways... but those 2 set the standard... @ their release...


LOL i remember my Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and silk worm also bruce lee they kept me occupied as a youngster. On the PC i started with Doom back in the day when games used to fit on floppy disks. But i would say HL was a biggy. Best online game must be CS.


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Arcade - Rampage & Afterburner (hey, I was 7, leave me alone)
Console - Metroid & Metal Gear on NES
Computer - Unreal, UT & RTCW

I still play 4-5 rounds of UT every day so that's the game that did it for me.

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