What firewall are ya using?



I just got Norton Personal Firewall 2002, man this software is da bomb, have run several security tests including the one at symantec.com & sygate.com, and NPF2002 blocked ALL attacks.

since getting NPF2002 on Tuesday, I've had 10 backdoor.Trojan attacks, but were all blocked by NPF2002.

It may not be free or cheap, but its well worth every penny.
I'm using Norton Internet Security myself. Blocked all attempts so far. I am not going to say it is better than all the others because I haven't used any other firewalls but I am more than happy with Norton.


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I dont use a firewall, I have a crappy 28.8 mobile dialup, a cracker would have be insane to target me through that.


I also use Norton Internet Security Its the best and keeps its self updated Both firewall / antivirus also blocks Ad Banners and has a prental (xxx) blocking software included


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so generally the most used is Norton, from the previous posts, I am just wondering as I am going to be moving to ADSL once I get to a permanent location


gtgarside, in this day & age you should have some firewall software, Norton's is very highly regarded both professionally & by us home users.

Go get it today, go on you know you want it on ya harddrive!! ;)


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<<<<Uses NeoWatch 2.4 very easy to use only monitors incoming & doesnt effect the speed of web browsing. Comes complete with NeoTrace built in. For emergencies I use ZoneAlarm Pro. Dont like to use it too much its too good(slows web browsing down to a crawl)


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Stuy_b, I normally connect through my school network, I only use the mobile for getting blocked sites (such as Bank Sites to do electronic banking for some reason they are blocked), mIRC, MSN, KaZaA Lite (I know I must be insane to use Kazaa over mobile connection) and getting the next batch of data for United Devices to slog through.



I'm using both Mcafees and Nortons firewalls at the same time while Norton is the most active one and the Mcafees is like a second line of defence with not very many restrictions on it and stuff. On top of that is win xp pro's firewall... hmmm.. i think that's it.. used to use just zone alarm pro before...

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