What does "LE" mean in video card models?


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What does "LE" mean in video card models? like in the case of:

Inno3D Geforce 7300 LE, are they superior or inferior to GT models?

hope you could shed light on this, thanks....

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I would also say they were worse than GTs.
Basically NVIDIA has always had confusing names but LE etc.tend to be for low level consumers and system builders.

For more ideas just look for benchmarks or reviews.


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The card is usually a crippled version just so the top end cards can be kept over priced.

SE is not quite so bad. It stands for Substandard Edition.

Avoid both they are usually crippled way more in proportion than their price is reduced.

XT, GT, GTX, XTX are usually the worthwhile cards. XL is marginally acceptable. These cards usually just have ledd memory and slightly slower clock speeds.

SE and LE they usually do really obscene things like choke a 256 wide memory bus down to 64 bits quartering texture memory bandwidth and performance, or cut the texture processors by 75% or more. They really coke at high quality or with AA and AF turned on.

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