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What do you think of my little project?

As some of you may know, I have built my own shoutbox. A shoutbox is more or less the same as a forum, but you have one post and everyone replies to that post. A sort of chat if you like.
After two attemps (click here for attempt one and click here for attempt two) I chose a definate form. It uses cookies to store your username and more things, that will be added later (you can create you own theme, for instance).
to see the script in action: http://allhope.geffychan.co.uk/~glennhof/shout/test2/shout.php.
Things that will be added later:
  • More options (theme creator, number of shouts to view);
  • Admin version with the ability to edit/delete shouts;
  • URL embedding, add your URL to shouts (as requested by SPeedY_B);
  • Fresher look.
I want you guys to give me feedback and tell me what you want to see in my version of Shout!Box.
Yeah it was posted already. But with a post title of 'Need you guys to spam something' I didn't think it would get much attention. Plus the fact that I forgot that I already made a thread :eek: You may merge the threads if you like, but please keep this topic title :)

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