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What do you think of Incredimail?

Evil Marge

I Rule
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I used it for a few year and had no problems with it.Never had a prob with spyware or anything and it is supposed to be a bugger to get rid of but I removed it without any hassle.
I know people will say don't use it but it's personal preference and I like it :p

American Zombie

Staff member
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What you have to ask yourself is what do the people you will be sending email to want.
Do they want a bunch of smilies and backgrounds in the mail you send them or do they want plain text. :rolleyes:
Most people desire only plain text be sent to them. :up:


.. Commodore ..
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Incredimail does have spyware. It is proven to have a keylogger in it and it sends your persoanly information back to the company. it is also a resource hog. It is garbage. My wife has been using it for a while now. We are constantly arguing because of how I am telling her to get rid of it. When she sends me an email I tell her not to include those stupid smilies or animated gif crap ... It takes for ever at times for the email to download because of how nbig they tend to get from them ..

One more note. Incredimail is a M$ Partner Company, so you be the judge of whether you want to use it or not .. I just soully expressed my opinion ..

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