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What do you look like?!?



Break out the cams and cameras,,, do'nt actual break them with your looks,,, and take a pic... Lets see what these members look like... There are very few pics of Q.. and my mother has them all,,, But what about you?!?

Electronic Punk

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On the right, in case you didn't know.
With Jen and Mark (reverse order)
I had actually, due to unforseeable circumstances, run out of silver hairspray at the time*
damn, everyone knows what I look like now, not long ago I didn't have many pics and hated having it taken...
Now I dig it.

*I am not a complete freak, just take my clubbing very seriously, tend to have blonde hair during the week and enjoy looking like a non-goth skateboard kid with all my old airwalk / vans /tommy gear.
The weekends are different, cos they land!

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
Only know what Lightwave looks like.

Oh and seen some scary-ass webcam pictures of JJB6486 and xpfreak.

Waddy keeps saying he will find a pic, I but I reckon he is waiting until Russell Crowe grows a haircut (erm) similar to his, damn Australians :p

(I'll get me coat)

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