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what do you like best for drive imaging?


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Have a hard drive with a windows XP OS install on it with a software package for a machine. the software package costs about 30,000 to make and we have no install copies for it anymore. (thanks to my predecessor).

What application would you recommend or like the most for imaging harfdrives to another hard drive or a image file.
Re: what do yoyu like best for drive imaging?

Acronis True Image and Norton Ghost are two popular choices. Take your pick.
I personally use Acronis for my machines, and I have no complaints.


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I swap regularly between Ghost and Acronis, as they both offer advantages - depends on the task at hand pretty much.

For what you need, either one will be sufficient and worthwhile ;)
Acronis, not big on Windows myself, but I've used it quite a bit for backing up my machine when playing with OS's. I really like the incremental backups and the ability to mount those incremental backups in both read and write mode.

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