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what do you guys think of this speedtest?



thats actually a tweak test...not a speed test. If you post it with a few speed tests in the appropriate dsl reports forum you will get some really knowlegeable help. Im not saying that you wont get any here though.;)
The test looks good. Who is your cable provider? the only thing that bothers me is your ping. for cable you should ideally be getting 30-70ms so there is a slow hop out there somewhere on your way to dslreports.
yep, that's pretty good. looks like you're operating a little faster than a T1.

i used to use dslreports, but their servers are clogged with speed tests. for a more accurate test, try www.toast.net


well the highest dl speed ive seen is like 950KB/s, but there have been tonnes of new people on my cable network since its so cheap ($35-$40 CDN) and they offer first 3 months free and free modem rental. I tend to max at ~800KB/s off of a really good server.

for anyone in BC using telus dsl...dont! shaw cable is the way to go. The comercials are propaganda. My friend is a block away from me on ADSL and he maxes like ~170KB/s of of the best server.

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