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I traded an old video card (Voodoo 5 5500) for a P4 1.5 Ghz processor 256/400 1.75V Heatsink and fan (Intel A38001-02 Sanyo) + 512MB pc3200 Patriot memory and an ATI Radeon 9200 128 video card. Now I need the rest of the stuff. What TYPE of motherboard do I need to buy for this type of P4 processor, and any suggestions on a good place to purchase a reliable inexpensive barebone that I can upgrade to with floppy drive, DVD/CD. Thanks

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What you need is a socket 478 board. Your pentium is a Williamette. My old board took that processor---MSI 850 pro5 but that took RAMBUS memory. That might be where you will get stuck, trying to match the cpu & the memory you have to a board that will take both. Really not worth going for a newish board with an old processor. I got about A$80 for mine on ebay. You could try getting an upgrade cpu to go with the memory. Some good bargains at ebay for secong hand processors.


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Great idea HD. As much as I hate rebates (BestBuy is the worst here in the states) I thought the barebone was a pretty good deal considering you get the case, power suppy, the CD-RW, keyboard/mouse/speakers for $30.00. The motherboard looks pretty good itself. Looks like I might have some more options here if the P4/1.5 works in the ECS PM800-M2. If not I'll pick up another mobo someplace. This is for my daughter so she could upgrade later too with this mobo if it takes the chip?


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The barebone systems looks good, all the latest features. Now on to your comment about Best Buy and rebates...

I've never had a problem with them. One time Samsung had not sent me a rebate so I walked in told Best Buy the rebate was 4 weeks past the due date. They gave me a phone number to call. I asked to use their phone, punched in my info and the Samsung rebate center said they never heard of me. I told the manager that and he handed me $30 cash out of the till. (Amusingly 3 weeks latter the rebate came in the mail.)

Make a copy of the stuff you send in and if there is ever a problem the stores will cough up the rebate.

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