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What did you get? (LOOT THREAD)


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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Seinfeld Season 1 & 2, Kids in the Hall Season 2, a really nice shirt, two sweaters, a lot of gift cards and lot of other things like a frame with my god-children in it
Hope you like the Schecter c1 mate :D Had one for a year or so now, s'great :D. Anywho; i got money, 10 driving lessons paid for, random clothes, Little Britain script book, Bill Bailey Part Troll dvd.

A Kubotan (I have 2 now) and a training book for it. Also a Buck Knife, money to help with my car insurance, and more money to help pay off my recent trip to South Africa, and a fish tank :D

More coming tonight when I go to relatives :)


Caffeine-->Code Converter
not very computer-y but still heh heh...
i got Mario Tennis for GC, a nintendo ds and a trip to chile to visit my family (which is where i am right now :D:D:D:D)

merry xmas guys


Dabba Dooba
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Dvd player, in living color season 1, $100, steve-o: the young years dvd, cd walkman (good one), gift card for movies, lots of candy, year subscribtion to pc world, january issue of computer gaming that came with demo cds, some nasty ass old navy clothes that i am taking back cause i hate old navy, the cd player came with 5 free music downloads from connect,lots of lottery tickets (won about 20 bucks altogether from them), 5 different kinds of incense (already have 500 incense sticks why must i get more?), the new eminem cd (didnt get it yet but i know thats why my gf got me), a half naked girl poster (havent seen it yet same reason as last gift),cd rack,a program to burn dvds without a dvd burner it also does other kinds of burning just like any other burn program. Thats about it for now...getting more tonight and more this coming week. I will prob be spending the money on computer upgrades which i will prob ask about what to get pretty soon when i get all my money counted up. Have a Great Christmas everybody and hope u got everything u wanted and/or will get :).
Giftcards to all of my regular places. A Coolmaster Tower Heatsink and some fans (Haven't arrived yet but it's on it's way Thanks Newegg). Dellf the Elf is giving me a Dell Dimension 8400 with a 19" LCD Monitor. That's not showing up for another 7-8 weeks. Ummm money. a 4GB I/O Magic Micro Drive, so now I have 2... :p

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I got:

* OCZ High Perfomance 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM (replacing the 512 333MHz I had b4)
* WD 120GB IDE Hard Drive for my external enclosure
* New Leather CD Case
* Half Life 2
* Movies (Twister, Thunderbirds, Harry Potter 3 and Gladiator)
* One of those tornado simulating lights
* CSI PC Game (First One)
* Few Clother (Pants and a Shirt)

Thats all I can think of at the moment.


OSNN Senior Addict
Loads of reading books to keep me occupied until uni starts again. Also, one of those six-in-one mega drive things that you pug into the tv :)

Shamus MacNoob

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Took part in a contest xmas eve standing outside in sub-zero weather and WON!!!

The store gave out prize money me and my 17 year old son won 1st and 2nd prize total 800$ cash !!!

So we got ourselves the ASUS6800 GT 256mb and a 17inch LCD moniter and 2 x 120 GIG HD's

Merry Xmas everyone!!

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