What could this be?


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tmp.. its a temporary file. Found the below from a quick google search of tmp file:

"Temporary files are used for a wide variety of tasks. They are usually deleted after their purpose is served but circumstances sometimes cause them to be retained. It's tricky determining if you can delete the file or not since some programs may hide critical data within a .TMP file (not a good programming practice if you're a programmer reading this!)."

Basicly it is hard to tell where the file came from. I would delete it, but leave it in your recycle bin for a few days to make sure it isnt a needed tmp file. Chanaces are it isn't, but its better to be safe.


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Ill just delete it :D I am just wondering what app could make an 8gig file...and me not know about it


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Its done...everything seems ok, for now...

When I deleted it a truck drove by on the freeway with its jake brake on and I thought the noise was my hdd :p ok, sorry its still early :s

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