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what company makes the best hard drives??



maxtor, seagate, western digital(WD)??

right now i have something against WD because my hd is telling me something about smart failure and i want to get a new 250 gb hdd and i wanna know who i should take my business to....

the hd i have that is failing is a WD 60 gb caviar, it has only been in use for about 2 years and its talking about failure and tyo back up.......my old 133 mhz pc has never failed me.... and its 6-7 yr old hdd is still purring in the storage room under whatever's in there.....

so come on guys help me out in choosing....

when making ur choice think about things like how long u had ur hdd and how long b4 u had to buy a new 1 b/c of failure...

------------ thanx in advance
Between the 3, I think most people I know would choose in this order:


People here may have a different opinion though.


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all devices have their life.. my 15Gb Quantum died a few days ago for example . I have chosen Seagate for the new device .. :eek:

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im using a WD (WD1200JB) right now, i havent noticed anything bad about it. i was actually thinking about getting another one.


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oh god, not another one of these. :(

listen; some harddrives just fail before others, regardless of brand. some will fail within a month or two while another of the exact same brand and model will go for four years and counting. it's sort of a gamble. the best you can do is go with the one that has the best warranty, if your main concern is it's life. performance and noise is a whole nother issue.
I have 2 IBM's on mine, one WD on my dads and a Maxtor on my mums. The Maxtor is pretty much conked out and its only 3 years old, the IBM's have always done me fine and the WD seems fine too.
Forget seagate. I have had trouble with them and so ahve my friends.

Western Digital has done fine by me for over the last 15 years. I have no idea how many drives I ran until they were too small and then I gave them to friends. Not one dies (except for my first and last seagate).

In the 250 gig range I would recommend Maxtor. Historically they have the better reputation in larger sizes. But the problem with history is it bears zero relevance to future performance. (WD had a bad 6 months when the 120 gig drives first came out but are fine again.)

And since you mentioned a 60 gig WD reporting smart failure if it is under 3 years old load the floppy, print a smart failure report and get an RMA. WD will replace it for free.

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I think the above post proves that there is no order.
Some people really hate WD and IBM as some of their former drives had issues. Got a WD and Maxtor drives in myself.


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I still use a WD 6GB drive that is 6 years old. I keep buying them and still have yet to have one die (fingers crossed). In my main PC I have 2 80GB WD. They are by far the best bang for buck, you can usually get the 800JB (7200rpm, 8mb cache) from new egg for under $90.

EDIT, I just checked and they have em for $75 right now.


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Im betting there are no "best ones", cause everyone will have their own opinion on them... I've always liked Maxtor over WD, and my friend always liked WD over Maxtor... its just a matter of taste....

I am betting though, that some manufacturers you should stay away from... (dont know which ones, i've only ever used WD and Maxtor)..


i might look into that 80 gig for 75 bux.... maybe when i botu the pc they gipped me and put a old hdd in my pc... and what i got from the people is more votes for WD so i might go back 2 em... thanx guys


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Like Kuja said, everyone has their own opinion, even me. I like all three companies, but I have used Seagate the most, and I trust them... same with Maxtor. Haven't used WD yet.


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Seagate tends to make better Hd's for business use i reckon. They're not the brand that an average home user would go for if they want a cheap-ish Hd that is reliable and performs well.

I've used all but WD, and find that the IBM works without the slightest problem - shame they don't do Hd's anymore.
They've always had the quietest Hd's around too.



how do i make a primary master? because the drive that is failing me is the primary master.... is this a tedious task? thnx in advance
Just put it in the Primary IDE slot, and have the jumpers on the back of the drive itself set to Primary (it'll have a diagram so you can see where the jumper(s) go :))

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